Takeaways at Pashash!​

YES!  We Have It!

The standard Bar Menu as well as the Pizzas are all available for take-aways but unfortunately we cannot do takeaway meat platters or mid-week specials

And we cannot do takeaway alcoholic beverages…



There are three ways to order..

Option #1: Pick-Up

Come in, and order from the team. Have a quick Mojito or R10 Tequila while waiting for your order!

Option #2: Pick-Up

Call in, and order over the phone. If you are quick on the drive over, you can still have a quick Daiquiri while waiting for your order!

Option #3: Delivery

Use the Uber or Mr D Apps, and order on your smartphone. No Alcohol service, but its a fresh and hot delivery to your door!

To Order: 

012 658 8000

(ask for PASHASH)

Please note:

Unfortnately, no alcoholic beverages for takeaways…